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Testimonials For U

"While I was working with Adriane I was very resistant to using the food log.  After unwilling turning it in she gave me one little suggestion to change in my eating for that week. She said.. "Can you pick only one meal that you have cheese with instead of having it several times a day?"  We both laughed and I realized how that little habit was affecting my eating in a big way. I chose the most important meal I wanted cheese with, had it and enjoyed it very much during that meal.  This little change affected my weight loss.  Adriane's keen eye for finding the hidden areas I was unbalanced in my eating really helped me become more effective and mindful in my eating."

Bonnie T.

“I have been working with Adriane for over 11 years.  I started after with her after the birth of my first child.  She helped individualize a plan that worked for me and my lifestyle.  3 kids and 11 years later I have been able to maintain my 30 pound weight loss with her guidance, food plans, and “no nonsense” weekly weigh ins!”


"I have worked one-on-one with Adriane for many years. She is very knowledgeable, patient and persistent. Without her help, I would be many pounds heavier. I credit her efforts for my success with weight control and health management."


"Adriane's compassion and support gave me the faith to believe that I could start on this weight loss journey and reach my goals. I had been struggling with peri-menapausal weight gain on top of the emotional eating that I had done all my life. Having gained almost 15lbs, every attempt I made to lose the weight ended in frustration and guilt.   Adriane took one look at my food journals and pointed out that I was not taking the time to sit and feed myself which is basically a form of self-neglect. When I looked at it in this light, I made a decision to stop and eat and take care of myself.  Her insight changed

everything. The lightbulb really came on for me. Little by little the weight is coming off.  This is no crazy crash diet. This is a lifestyle change or what I call a lovestyle change. It's loving myself enough to eat food that will nourish and heal my body. Adriane is my go-to person. I love having her as my nutritionist, teacher, guide, counselor, and friend."

Mary S.

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