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Nutrition Education Services for U

"When Licensing, Experience, Credentials, and Your Medical Health Matters Most"

As a long time practicing Registered Dietitian / Nutritionist, I care not just about you but also about your family's long term health. I offer many options to help create personalized programs that meet you and your family's needs.  Join in one or more of these modalities below and become expertly Nutritionally Aware.

Insurance Accepted

Personalized Weight Loss Counseling for U


So much stress at home and work? So many programs to chose from? So many experts? Been the Group route? Cheaper per session but do they know your unique situation? Frustrated? No one option is right for everyone. I will individually educate you, bringing in all the global medical and research nutrition areas and exercise in all formats to customize a solution that works specifically for you in your unique environment and circumstances.



Group Weight Loss Counseling for U

​Many people like the fun of being educated in the camaraderie of others. It is energizing as well as rewarding to share with others. Have you tried it and been frustrated? With 20+ Years Leading Passionate Group Nutrition Education in Private Industry, Government and Non-Profit Organizations, I can offer you personalized counseling in a group setting incorporating expert medical and research. You can even set up your own groups as you desire or join an existing one.



Yoga Classes for U

​If you have struggled with decoding the overwhelming amount of information out there around dieting & exercise and have not achieved the result you desire, then you are not alone.


My approach to wellness will help you to create personal shifts in your relationship with food and your body that are not only transformational but also permanent. 


Whether you are a beginner (a newbie or even those who attend other Yoga classes but feel behind and are uncomfortable to slow the class down by asking questions), Intermediate or Power users, I will help you make a transformation in your mind, body and soul.


I received my training at the University of Maryland School of Medicine Center for Integrative Medicine where Yoga is used as a method of healing at Shock Trauma. 

Personalized Counseling for Medical Issues for U

Eating healthy is a serious medical need and for many people sooner or later a lack of proper guidance can have a detrimental impact on you or your family. I have worked with Physicians and their referrals, men, women children, young and old, to professionally educate patients suffering from High Cholesterol, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Anorexia, Bulimia, and other serious medical conditions.

Zoom e-Nutrition and e-Yoga for U

Weekly support is often crucial to a long term change in behavior.  I have developed a unique set of tools to help support her clients as they choose to maintain a healthier approach to exercise, nutrition, and mind, body and soul.  Whether it is for you, who might live locally (during Covid) or for family and friends who may reside anywhere in the world, I use all available technology personalized for you including daily/weekly zoom and one on one phone support offering on-going support to her wide range of clients. Ask for details.

Supermarket Tours for U

Food shopping while "dieting" is a very frustrating experience which often leads to self destructive behavior. There are dizzying amount of options to choose from and labels can be deceiving and confusing. For the lalst 20 years I've been giving tours to really support your food choices and make them exciting and fun. With me there is no "dieting", only educated shopping and mindful and vibrant eating.  As part of my global blended nutrition education, I will build healthy shopping options into your lifestyle. Think you know healthy shopping? Try a tour out with medical and research incorporated into it and you will too discover life changing new options..

* Courtesy Presentations to Organizations 

Corporate Wellness Coaching for U

Corporations and Non-Profits want their employees to achieve a healthy lifestyle. It allows for better productivity and lowers the entities over health costs. I bring my many years of professional passionate Nutrition counseling in addition to​​​ Reiki Master Certification, and Yoga expertise, into a unique and well rounded company-wide corporate wellness program. Based on my corporate wellness experience, I will guarantee the attendance ​of your employees will increase as they will want to attend as their health knowledge will increase and your costs will go down.


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